Where next for The Arsenal?

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Where next for The Arsenal?

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So the morning after has arrived and to be honest i dont feel as gutted as i thought i would do. Thierry has gone....nothing else can be done about that except thank him for all the brilliant moments we have all witnessed during his eight year stay with us.

He has undoubtedly etched his name into the halls of Arsenal history and rightly so with a cetain style and grace that will never be seen again that is for sure.

The real work starts now, how do you fill a gap such as this. Unfortunately you can't so things will have to change slightly at the Club and certain players will now have to take on the role of taking the Club forward.

One thing came to me last night, maybe Reyes will now see his chance at Arsenal, he has had a reasonably succesful period at Real and proved he can compete with the best, so maybe it isnt beyond the realms of doubt that he returns for next season.

Then again there could always be the return of Le Sulk! Many of you out there cant stand the guy and admittedly he can be an arrogant sod but he is the only player that i can think of that has the ability to fill that space TH has left.

He has the pace, the ability and the arrogance to prove to the whole footballing world that he is a great player. What better stage for him to see out his career than at Ashburton Grove in front of 60,000 a match. Just cast your mind back to the goals he scored in his first stay, you have to admit they were special!

Anyway, onwards and upwards and dont feel too down about things guys, Henry may have gone but there will always be an Arsenal and have no doubt about that.

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