Trouble after match on Sunday

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Trouble after match on Sunday

Post by northerngooner »

I have just heard from someone that a couple of the players were involved in a bit of a scuffle after the game on Sunday, i know it wasnt on the pitch so something may have gone on behind closed doors.

Still waiting for full info, could be bullshit i know but maybe things arent as calm as AW is making out.

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Post by WalcottSignedMyShirt »

I doubt it is true with all the cameras in the tunnell etc.

Plus teams tend to fight when they lose, not when they have won something.

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Post by gunners-need-steel »

if it were true, then it would probably have hit the airwaves by now ...

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Post by All_Arsenal_1886 »

It is more likely to be those italians and spanish we all know they got history :lol:

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