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Well Being a manc, shagging his mum is the best you could hope for!

Agree, Ref was shite!



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in resoponse to post on ChampionsLeague Final- ref



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totally agree, feel we were hard done by, sending off fine, but everything that followed was a joke.

And in relation to the other thread what the fuck did manu do this season anyway?


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Finshed second. You finshed fourth. Won the league Cup. You won f**k all


oh what a night

Post by mufc »

for a moment, I thought I was listening to team didn't win...ref's a cheat...barca players diving. yer avin a laff. your mob is the biggest bunch of cheatin/divin/whingin/gracelss bunch of t***s that ever played the game.
face facts.........yer not good enuff & when yer primadonna does one, youll be lucky to finish 5th next year !

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Post by BourneGooner »

Anonymous wrote:Finshed second. You finshed fourth. Won the league Cup. You won f**k all
So you won the worthless cup , you might as well have won fcuk all :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Von Smalls
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manc idiot boy

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You can say we are not good enough, just like the FA CUP FINAL! against manc scum.

No shots on goal, you played in our box, we won on penalties fantastic! :D

I can understand why Chelsea were moaning about the ref when, funny enough they played barca.

By the way Henry is staying, so don't get too jealous.

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