The only loyality at emirates is the fans

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The only loyality at emirates is the fans

Postby henryking1 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:47 am

Ive only been on this forum for a couple of weeks but ive gotta get this off my chest. Ive supported arsenal for a long time, been to highbury many many times and emirtaes and many away games. Whenever i go to a match its 90 % off the time a sell out crowd, hardworking men who pay the season ticket prices, the away travel costs, the 5 quid fucking emirates slimmy sausge hotdog, look at newcastle saturday, full allocation with gooners most travelling a long fucking way from London, Arsenal fans i praise you all, for your loyality support and your costs. I went to man city when adaybayor did the full pitch run towards us, and i saw true real fans who cared so much about the club, a group of supporters who are arsenal 100 %, i was old trafford when eboue scored the own goal, that game pre match 250pm was the best atmosphere ive experienced.I could go on but when i look now at Fucking Nasri, what right as he got to critisise arsenal fans, he doesnt give a shit, he just wants more money, and a team he thinks will win trophies, we need more Tony Adams like players, players who want to put an arsenal shirt on with pride , passion, flare, determination, a captain who leads by example. So Mr Wenger get your fucking chq book out and get some players and Nasri FUCK OFF.

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