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Has lots of good points.

"IT is a disturbing image I cannot get out of my mind - Arsene Wenger sitting there soaked to the skin with his head bowed into his hands.
This shocking sight during last Saturday's 2-0 home defeat by Liverpool screamed out such a depressing message about life at Arsenal Football Club today.

Here was an act of desperation, a very worried man sitting there frantically rubbing his head in frustration and exasperation.

A man who looks like he feels the whole world is closing in on him.

A man who is witnessing everything going wrong all around him but who feels utterly powerless to intervene.

It is such a powerful, emotive picture that it will have gone all around the world by now.

Every football fan will have seen it, every football player will have seen it, every football club chairman will have seen it.

Whoever Arsenal go for now in the market it will be at an inflated price. Everyone can see they are desperate.

No wonder Valencia's Juan Mata has just chosen to sign for Chelsea ahead of the Gunners.

It really is a no-brainer for the lad, isn't it?

Let us be honest, any top player would have to think twice about signing for Arsenal right now.

Any top-quality international who had a choice would seriously have to consider going elsewhere and, though I love Arsenal, I can understand it.

Listen, when I had my chance to join them I did not hesitate for a moment.

I was so keen I did not even bother how much was in my contract. I was just happy for my agent to make the deal.

A lot of that was because of the players already there, players proud to wear the red shirt of Arsenal.

But these days it is a totally different story.

I know it is early in the season but, at present, I see Arsenal as a club in freefall.

They are like a skydiver who has just leapt out of a plane and realised his parachute will not deploy.

For me, it seems the whole club's structure is finally reaping what it has sown.

Wenger has had to put so much faith in his youth policy and wanting to prove that he can indeed win with youngsters.

But now he is finding it has become a bridge too far.

It is a sobering situation. The idea Arsenal may not be in the Champions League this season should be unthinkable.

They have been in it every year since it started but this time are having to qualify.

I never thought qualification was a given, especially after the Gunners drew Udinese.

And I am telling you the Italians will really fancy their chances of knocking Arsenal out.

Arsenal may be 1-0 up but Udinese showed at the Emirates they are a very dangerous side who can cause plenty of problems.

They will be even more dangerous at home, especially against a team with so many inexperienced players having to perform under such incredible pressure.

So the fact that Wenger has just been banished to the stands once again for the match is the least of his worries in a game in which so much is at stake.

I think this is the most important game in the whole of Arsene Wenger's tenure at Arsenal.

That is no exaggeration and I have to admit that I am really worried.

It is no secret the club is at a major crossroads. But I have been warning this day would come for years and years.

I have been calling on Wenger and the board to bring in some quality and experience to go alongside all those talented youngsters.

David Villa would have been brilliant for Arsenal.

David Silva would have been brilliant for Arsenal.

Wesley Sneijder would have been brilliant for Arsenal.

Edin Dzeko would have been brilliant for Arsenal.

Phil Jones or Chris Smalling would have been brilliant for Arsenal.

All those players have been available recently and a great club like Arsenal should have been out there competing fiercely for their signatures.

They were not.

And that is why it has come to this - Arsenal now in danger of going out of the Champions League and finishing sixth, seventh or eighth in the Premier League when they are expected to fight for the title.

It gives me no pleasure at all to say that. In fact, it hurts.

I have never said anything derogatory about Arsenal in my life. I have only ever told the truth.

And the truth to me is that the club has let down both the players and the fans.

I am sure when those players signed their contracts at Arsenal, they were expecting to win trophies and compete at the highest level.

I am sure they were also expecting some top-name stars to be signed to help achieve that.

But they have been let down and it is a crying shame.

It has cost the club Thierry Henry, Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas and probably Samir Nasri too.

Who will be next to leave? Robin van Persie?

Personally, I cannot see Jack Wilshere staying put for long either if the situation does not change.

Like the rest, the England midfielder will be leaving Arsenal for a bigger club where there is more chance of silverware.

And I never thought I would ever hear myself say that!"

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