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Anybody seen the latest Kroenke interview? It seems as if this mug is trying to challenge Peter Hill-Wood and Arsene Wenger in the crass ignorance statement stakes. There is so much that is breathtakingly ignorant in his itnerview it beggars belief.

Read it and then answer a few things...

Malcom Glazer and his family have come under intense criticism from United supporters since they completed their leveraged takeover of the Old Trafford club in 2005.

The American family, who also own NFL club the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have been criticised for the way that they have financed their purchase of the club with loans partly secured against the club's assets.

Ticket prices at Old Trafford have soared since the Americans took over - a move which has caused the birth of a widespread protest movement against the family, who they want to see out of the club.

In Arsenal majority shareholder Kroenke, however, the Glazers have a big fan. The American businessman, who became Arsenal's majority shareholder in May this year, thinks there is a big difference in how sports clubs are run either side of the Atlantic.

The 64-year-old maintains he has no plans to secure loans against Arsenal in the way that Glazer has done at United, but admits he is baffled at the way United fans have taken a severe dislike towards his compatriot given that United have lifted four league titles since they took over six years ago while also boosting revenue at the club.

Kroenke said: "Since they took over they have won and they have increased revenues by a huge amount. If I was a fan of that club, I would go there and go 'Wow!' because how could you do it any better?

"We have a whole different philosophy I think in the States, maybe, but I think it's time maybe for everybody to think a little bit.

"I think they ought to think about who invests in these clubs.

"He (Glazer) took money out of the club. So what? (LA Lakers owner) Jerry Buss takes money out of his club. A lot of owners in the US do. No-one ever says anything about it.

"Did the Lakers win anything? Well, yeah. They did. How big's their revenue? Pretty darn good."


A few things spring to mind

1. If the Glazers aere ideal owners, why have ManYoo fans protested so vehemently against them, in spite of all the pots they have won?

2. The Glazers took a massive leverage gamble to buy the club and bought it with very little of their own money. In pure financial terms the Glazers turned the only club in European (and world) football without debt, into a debt-ridden machine.

3. The interest Man United are paying out on PIK loans is financially crippling. How the hell can Kroenke justify this as sound busienss sense? It is financial suicide, especially with interest rate fluctuations.

4. How would Arsenal fans feel fi David Gill told our fans to stop whining about Wenger or told us how we should feel about our owners? We'd rightly tell him to go f*** himself. Who the hell is Kroenke to tell ManUre fans to be happy with their owners?

5. As Arsenal fans, and having witnessed the amount of leveraged debt that the Glazers have piled on ManUre, does it not worry you in the slightest that our majority shareholder has no qualms about owners who take money out of clubs? What does this tell you about his own intentions?6. On the one hand Kroenke points to the Glazers as ideal because Man United win pots. He points to the Lakers and talks about how they win pots. What can he point to at Arsenal then to justify such a policy? Oh that's right....FUCK ALL.

I'm actually mortified at that interview and I think Kroenke is beginnign to clarify exactly what he is at Arsenal for. Some people were genuinely so naive that they thought our previous owners were 'custodians' and that Kroenke was part of 'doing things the right way'.

I asked the question back then and now I will ask it again:

Do you honestly not think to yourselves that Stan Kroenke is going to take money out of this club? Do you not think to yourself that he is going to pile more debt onto this club? Making a mockery of the 'self-sustainability' drivel?

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