Agents' Fees

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Agents' Fees

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72 million in one year going out of the game to agents.
Citeh (surprise surprise) spent most with nearly 10. The Scum second on 7.5. Us down the list but still spent 4.6.

All of this money is going out of the game and to what end?
I guess players with too much money and too few brain cells are happy to put their lives in the hands of agents but the PFA will represent players in contract negotiations and there are a number of solicitors who do the same on an hourly rate.

I would love to know on what basis the fees are paid. I definitely think there should be more transparency.

I was once sat in the foyer of a Leicester hotel when I noticed Austin Healy come in and sit next to a bloke on the adjoining sofa. They proceeded to talk shit about career etc, decided nothing and then Austin left when Muzzy Izzet came in. More talk about how Muz would like a move to a London club but again; no objectives, no action plan, a shake of the hands and Muz sods off.
I've seen barrow boys conduct more professional meetings. I was definitely in the wrong career.

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