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As we're unlikely to see terraces again at football, this is the virtual equivalent where you can chat to your hearts content about all football matters and, obviously, Arsenal in particular. This forum encourages all Gooners to visit and contribute so please keep it respectful, clean and topical.
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I haven't been a poster on here for long but started browsing after the 4-4 at Anfield, so that means 3 years and long enough to formulate a valid opinion. This is probably the only Arsenal forum where you can openly express anti-Wenger views and not be criticised by hundreds of AKBs. But since the forum was temporarily shut down back in February it seems the mods have gone the way of stamping out minority viewpoints and censoring a lot of posts. Activity on the forum has declined considerably since then and I think this is partly responsible. Suspending Babatunde was the last straw for me. Yes he puts his points across forcefully but it's a bloody internet forum and not real life. If people are offended by his comments then simply skip his posts. It's not as if he only ever comes onto the forum to insult other members, it's usually a by-product of a Wenger rant and I'm sure he does not intend to cause offence . But even if he does, so what? Why should he not be allowed to vent his anger on the internet? Babatunde's posts often stir up a lot of debate too, if we ban more 'extreme' views of the forum then what is there to talk about? All of this censoring is really destroying the forum, it seems to be on a slippery slope to a policing policy similar to that at The Grove. I originally started browsing here because the posters were passionate and allowed to express their opinions but lately that freedom seems to have been revoked.

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Your missing the point, it was the constant personal insults to anyone who disagreed with her that caused the ban.

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no one forcing you to post here :roll: