STFU Neviile

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STFU Neviile

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You can take the manc tw*t out of Manchester eh but...... :roll:

Some of the article is fine but, I love the way he glosses over Utd's failing youth system by saying simply oh a big club like Utd will always buy the best foreign talent.

Is Buttner the best LB and if he isn't why is he taking the place of a promising homegrown UTD LB...guess what Gal it's because there isn't one. Your youth system is just as sh*te as everybody elses.

They spent a fortune on 2 keepers from abroad, why because Ben whatever the heck his name was from the famous United academy was deemed crap. Isn't he playing in the lower leagues now.

They have only 2 players that can truly be from their youth set up are Welbeck and Cleverley.....Cleverley was with Bradford City till he was 12.

He has a go at Chelsea,City and Us about not bringing players through. Granted our record in the recent past and recent present is poor. It is at the moment not different from theirs.

They keep Giggs around for the experience but he is all that's left of their glorious academy of the 90s.

Their last 2 title winning sides were underpinned by

Vidic(an unpronounceable Serbian team)
Rafael Da Silva(Fluminense)
Valencia(El Nacional,Ecuador)

And that doesn't even account for all the foreign players or other players they're buying from clubs in the Uk.

Granted praise their past youth system, but don't slag off what other teams have done, if from even the casual observer it looks like your club is having the same problems other academies of the big clubs are having. The talent in this country is shit, technically poor and not as hard working because they cann all be millionaires before they are 21, driving f**king Maranellos. :roll: :evil:

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