Re: In need of a striker

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Re: In need of a striker

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AberdeenGooner wrote:So folks. It's been said before but now Theo is out we need a replacement surely. Ok maybe now isn't the right time to buy but surely a loan deal would suffice! How about Jelavic? Not heard his name being thrown into the hat yet but I think we could do a lot worse. Mirislav Klose floats my boat to!

Welcome to the Forum Aberdeen Gooner.

I think you will find most of the discussion about who we might buy on the transfer thread that has been open a while, so to avoid duplication have popped your post into that thread.

It contains a long list of names of players who in SteveO's words "Are not coming".
But I believe one will, though who it is I have no idea.
It might be Kalou?