Mackems (A) match thread.

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Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by clockender1 »

someone will win by a single goal. the mackems will be dying to keep a clean sheet and we will be jaded from tonight.


oH aNd i'm a bIt c0nfUsed on using capiTals.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by mcdowell42 »

When you have been beaten 8-0 in your last game ,we are just the team you need to play to get it our of your system

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by Bradywasking »

I'm leaving my comments to Falkirk Gooner..I agree with him.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by Irish Gooner »

They've just lost 8-0 to Southampton but I'm not exaggerating when I say its 50-50. They are shite but they will pack the defence and will be determined to put in a performance. I read they donated their wages to the away fans last week after what happened. They will be well up for this and wont want another bad perfomance at Home.

If we lost I wouldnt be surprised. If the Specialist drops Sanchez again I'd imagine we will lose.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by AFC_AD »

Is anyone going?. If so where are people drinking?. Looking at this game and burnley as our next game we have to take 6 points. But the way we are playing its easier said than done.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by Dan_85 »

Trounced 8-0 last week, Sunderland will fancy their chances.

It'll be as enjoyable as having teeth pulled, but i'll go with 1-1.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by Henry Norris 1913 »

sunderland lost by a fucking rugby score last week. they are fucking shite on a stick.

we'll carve out a hard earned draw. "leetle beet jaded" etc, who cares :barscarf:

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.


I expect nothing more than a 0-0 draw. The only alternative I can see is a narrow home win. I have absolutely no faith in us at all right now and listening to AW's comments after tonight game has convinced me that he simply cannot see it.

We are shit and so are they but right now they're probably going to be more up for it than us. :roll: :roll: :banghead:

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by gp543 »

1-5. Walcott to come in for Wilshere and change it. They are really shit and we are ok.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by safcftm »


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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by King Henry »

Honestly think we are going to lose this, our play is a disgrace at the moment and Sunderland will be up for it. Without Koscielny our defence is an absolute joke and going forward Sanchez is the only one that has a bit of class and plays like he cares. Wilshere is suspended so at least we don't have to worry about him and Ramsey having another mediocre game in midfield together.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by UlsterGooner »

Will be 1-0 game, atm I'd say it will be to Sunderland

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by Blood_Gooner »

All I'll say is....

We have Wenger.

Sunderland favourites, imo.

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by augie »

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Real wrong time to play sunderland - they will be fired up to put in a performance in front of their own fans after last week's shambles. One of the things we are constantly found out on, is our total inability to match a team playing with high intensity - they will be in our faces from the get go but we will stroll around in our predictable second gear :x Arrogance could well play a part as I believe that some of our players will expect an easy win against a team that conceded 8 last weekend.

All that being said, if we score early we wont get beat and will probably win 2-0 - if we fail to score early or if they score first, I reckon we could be in trouble

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Re: Mackems (A) match thread.

Post by DB10GOONER »

Fuck knows. 4-0 to us? 3-1 to them?

Fuck. Knows. :|

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