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As we're unlikely to see terraces again at football, this is the virtual equivalent where you can chat to your hearts content about all football matters and, obviously, Arsenal in particular. This forum encourages all Gooners to visit and contribute so please keep it respectful, clean and topical.
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QPR - Home

Post by clockender1 »

they really are shit. this is a space filler until we lose at west ham

4-0. Giroud, Welbeck and a brace for Santi.

I'll be at Brentford :wink:
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Re: QPR - Home

Post by officepest »

It's almost assuredly the game when QPR pick up their first away point. We fucking stink.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by Midz »

We revel in making shit teams look good.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by g88ner »

Flat track bullies back on form for this one :barscarf:

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by p206ab »

Falkirk needs a new quote...

We are shite, they are shite, but we are even more...

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by markyp »

We cant defend QPR cant defend could be a 10 goal thriller,i cant wait for this shit to end :banghead:

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by gp543 »

6-2 to the Arsenal.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by Bradywasking »

"There's only one" will ring out after an Arsenal win..

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by QuartzGooner »

4-2 to us.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by rodders999 »

Bradywasking wrote:"There's only one" will ring out after an Arsenal win..
Yep the window lickers will have a field day at this one. In seasons past we couldn't beat anyone from the top 4, now it's the top 11 :oops:


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Re: QPR - Home

Post by Rosicky's Right Boot »

Charlie Austin to make history by becoming the first QPR player to score a hat trick in back to back top flight games.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by defleppardisking »

Win this and AKB will say i didn't see what happened at the Britannia stadium and Anfield.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by Dan_85 »

I'm going for 34 mins in the "first rendition of One Arsene Wenger" sweepstake. Because there's absolutely nobody else out there who could possibly lead us to a win over QPR. All hail Wenger the genius.

As others have said, this is basically a dead cert. We can't screw this one up. Can we? 3-1 home win.

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Re: QPR - Home

Post by Its Up 4 Grabs Now »

Anyone who gets tactically outwitted by the Taxwanker should automatically have their coaching badges revoked. Then again, Rob Green must be overdue another game of his life against us. :roll: :oops: We'll either absolutely hump the back-end off them, or...

innnnnjury time - Arsene has a whine
cos weeeee cant breeaaak through QPR's back line
Zamora's on fire, we gifted him all three
cos Squirtaspackerrrrrr's a Big German Pansy

I cant fucking wait!


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Re: QPR - Home

Post by SPARKSY »

Bradywasking wrote:"There's only one" will ring out after an Arsenal win..
Yes. We will win :rubchin: , everything will be rosy in Wengers garden, the tourists will go home happy at Christmas............ Then we will go to West Ham, we will again be shown up for what we are and then have to suffer having the piss taken out of us just like the wankers did at Chelsea. And to think Spurs is only 6 weeks away :banghead:

Fucking hell, we are shit.

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