Caption Competition - Take Your Pick (NSFW)

As we're unlikely to see terraces again at football, this is the virtual equivalent where you can chat to your hearts content about all football matters and, obviously, Arsenal in particular. This forum encourages all Gooners to visit and contribute so please keep it respectful, clean and topical.
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Caption Competition - Take Your Pick (NSFW)

Postby OneBardGooner » Thu May 18, 2017 5:32 pm

I don't know about you peeps, but I am just so "Fed Up" with all this Wenger Shyte or rather that Shytecunt Wenger...surely we all need some kind of Distraction.

So here are some piccies and if you feel like you can put a thought bubble or two for them.

Okay so here's Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival, I wonde rif she's saying "Hello Little Puppies, Would You Like To Come Out and Play!?"



Newcastle Defenders Saying: "Whyy Aye Munn Ee wwas there reet in front of me and then He was Goon and the ball was in the back of the ole Onion bag munn!



Bubbles the Monkey saying to Jacko: "Izzit Coz I Black?"



Bloke on the left "Ere Yoo Wiz Zur FuckedUp Air Do - Can I Borrow One of Yur Mizziles So I cun take out Zat Damn Plane and Zem Banners"?

Bloke on right saying " Fecky Offi You cannot veen work a zeep never meend a Mizzile"



She's saying: "Wenger Has destroyed my faith and driven me to drink, smoking and whoring"





:yawn: . :goingtobed: :yawn: :goingtobed: :yawn:

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