2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

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2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by goonersid »

Can’t wait for it to start!
Priority for me is to see improvement tactically and in commitment from players, a few signings in the obvious areas and the dross out the door!
Top 4. decent cup runs and no humiliating 4 and 5 goal defeats.
If we can pick up a cup in the process then that would be a bonus! but would gladly settle for St Totteringhams day celebrations late April :barscarf:

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by GoonerMuzz »

Being tight as fuck and not giving away stupid goals is a must for me, everything in the new era has to start from there.

As Sid said decent cup runs and a good attempt at 4th as a minimum for Emery's first season would be a much needed boost..... oh and can we start the season earlier, like maybe the end of Jun? Not sure i can wait until August :rubchin:

nut flush gooner
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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by nut flush gooner »

Top 4 next season is a big ask, we have dropped quite a long way behind the main competition.

For me, a good cup run perhaps luck box the Europa League, and more importantly show some heart away from home. I lost count of the number of times our defenders turned away from shots on goal, rather than launching themselves risking injury to stop certain goals.

It's best the expectations are not too high, better for top 4 to be a nice surprise rather than another season of disappointment.

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by sk-gtfo »

Back in the CL should be minimum really, because we have two avenues to get there - via EL or top 4, conceeding less than a goal per game would be helpful as well.

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by TeeCee »

Looking forward to it for the first time in many years!

I want to see deadwood removed, game by game tactics, substitutions when things clearly aren’t working, not just the 70th minute, commitment, fight, desire, a tighter defence, getting the basics right, football played above walking pace, and a decent keeper.
5th place or better is a good start and a good run in the cups would be great. Other than that, there’s no pressure Mr Emery!! :barscarf:

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by Gunnersaurus »

Don't think top 4 is that big an ask, Liverpool and Spurs had a clear run at it this year because Arsenal and Chelsea were so bad, pretty sure Liverpool have 1 less point than last season and Spurs didn't look anywhere near as good as they were when they had Walker and Rose as fullbacks the season before.

Also, have we dropped that far behind? The home record was right up there, on the road is where it fell apart, 3 or 4 extra wins on the road and there wouldn't be much in it.

Top 4, the league cup & Europa League, all realistic targets for this team, Conte tool Chlesea from 10th to 1st with some fresh tactics and motivation, no reason why Emery can't have a similar impact, these players are probably keen to get going under a new manager as most of them looked bored of Wenger.

Most of this squad hasn't gone to the world cup, one of the few clubs where this is happening, a strong pre season and fast start and momentum will build, have to hope the 5 teams ahead have sluggish starts after the World Cup.

The Arsenal Way
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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by The Arsenal Way »

Like to see eager anticipation and harmony on this forum on match days..
Forum match threads that are more pages long when we win than lose.
The new gaffer kicking ass and getting the players to play for the badge, rather than kiss it and take selfies when we beat relegation fodder.
Not giving away goals because we are zonal marking.
Looking forward to having a captain that gives shit to players not pulling their weight. PV4, TA6.
Replacing the medical team, goalkeeping coach, defensive coach.
Playing 4-4-2 when it suits us. Preferably from the start.
Not having to watch a dinosaur make a cock up of a zipper on his quilted coat.
Not having to listen to any more interviews from a twat that treats his supporters like imbeciles.
I could go on.

Might even get to a game there this season. Not bothered going to a game since we lost to Barcawhores in 2006.

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by Rosie_titters »

The reintroduction of defending and players who want to play for the club and throwing themselves in to challenges. No hiding, no rolling over and just show some effin passion.

falkirk goon
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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by falkirk goon »

To go into every game hoping for a result :barscarf: unlike the last several seasons when we could pick the games we knew we would fold in and the ones we would flat track bully in..

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by rodders999 »

No 70th minute subs just for the sake of it, tactics, playing with tempo, playing with a purpose, improved defending, no Wenger, no Steve Bould, more passion, more excitement, more interest, NO MORE BANTER - bring it fucking on.

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by hertsgunner »

Want to see the fans united for once all behind the team.There has to be bridge building between the players and fans.Someone needs to get to the new head coach and explain the hatred that exists between us and the scum.There is a lot that needs putting right but I am really looking forward to the new season.Lets enjoy decorating the new swamp .

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by northbank123 »

Results - We should be closing the gap on those above us and pulling out some big results in big games, especially away from home. Europa League is a great opportunity as far as I’m concerned.

Generally - Harder to beat and a lot better organised defensively. Playing with more tempo and more versatility. Infinitely less tolerance of mediocrity. A side that looks like it has some kind f identity.

What the team and the club looks like in 12 months time is massively more important than whether we can sneak 4th place if Liverpool and Chelsea have bad seasons. I’d love to see us challenge for the title and whatever else but I’m realistic and seeing us turn into a side that looks capable of going on and doing those things in the following year or two would be great.

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by Herd »

I expect the new manager to organise and inspire.
I expect the players to learn from him and give 100 percent effort every game.

That is all , succsess will follow if we apply the above.

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by 1989 »

- A cup and a CL finish
- Better tactical input
- Improved defending
- Better away form
- Playing players in their correct positions
- Getting the best out of Auba and Laca
- Better in-game management (pre 70th min subs)
- Selecting players based on form not reputation
- Drop non performing players (Ozil)
- Better pre match preparation
- Increased motivation
- Improved results vs the big six

No pressure! :D

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Re: 2018-19 season! hopes and expectations

Post by augie »

Far, far better organisation

Far better defensive work.

I with to see the team play with tempo and commitment

I want to see tactics being used

I want to see the arrogance removed from these under-performing ******rs, and subbed if they aint performing regardless of star status

Finally I am putting no expectations on where we finish or cup runs etc - our team is a bit like an old car that needs to be stripped down and rebuilt. We have too many players that are not good enough, and they need to be moved on asap. Replacements will need to be brought in and that aint gonna happen overnight. I would say that right now we are in a bad way - even if we dont buy too many players, we can still do a lot better with proper organisation, tactics and player accountability, but that is still a distance away from where we should be. I think that we need to be prepared to take the hit this season as long as we can see signs that a better structure is being put in place for the following season. My concern of course is that the wenker cult movement are waiting in the shadows ready to pounce if results are no better, and either wont see that there are positive changes and structures being put in place for the coming seasons, or what is more likely, that they will see the changes but wont care cos they will have the chance to bite back. I honestly believe that these c.unts will not be prepared to give the new manager a decent chance, not because of anything personal against the manager, but more cos they will want to shoot back at the fans who drove their god out of his job - the mere fact that they were supporting the bizarre plan to give arteta the job shows that their leader might be gone, but their cult and absolute stupidity lives on :roll: :oops: :censored: :censored: :box: :box:

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