Europa League |Arsenal vs Sporting Lisbon|Thursday 08/11/18 - 20:00|

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Re: Europa League |Arsenal vs Sporting Lisbon|Thursday 08/11/18 - 20:00|

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Did not see the game or injury, and I never want to see it! :shock:
Horrible injuries occur from time to time but when they do it does upset ALL players on the pitch, whether he does not get the seal of approval in terms of footie dynamics he still put in a performance when selected, a good honest pro.
Hope it's not the end of his career but if it is then I wish him a good recovery and thank him for his service to this club.. :barscarf:

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Re: Get well soon Danny

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DB10GOONER wrote:
Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:01 am
Sorry 1989 mate this is well covered in the match thread and would be just repeating all the stuff said there. Merging it.
Fair enough mate.

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