Harry Kane M.B.E.? WTF

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Re: Harry Kane M.B.E.? WTF

Post by rodders999 »

MBE.....isn't that where he reckons the scum have being playing their home games for the past years and a half :lol:

Crayon munching, window licking diving bastard.

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Re: Harry Kane M.B.E.? WTF

Post by DB10GOONER »

Personally wouldn't look upon an MBA as an award as I despise all royalty but obviously it is looked upon as an award/reward by a lot of British people. So it seems shameful that one of the worst cheats in the modern game is being "rewarded". :roll:

The fact he has had roughly as much "success" and contributed about as much to the game of football as Robbie Savage is also a bit fucked. :lol:

Fuck me actually the cùnt Savage somehow managed to win a league cup whereas Fat Tongue Crayon Botherer has won sweet fuck all. :lol: :oops:

Jock Gooner
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Re: Harry Kane M.B.E.? WTF

Post by Jock Gooner »

The vast majority of the MBE / OBE clan are just a bunch of egotistical wankers so the crayon botherer :lol: :lol: will fit in nicely alongside them.

It's maybe about time that the genuine decent folk who are acknowledged for charity work and generally being nice asked to receive a different award from the rich and famous who get a gong just for.........being rich and famous.

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Re: Harry Kane M.B.E.? WTF

Post by OneBardGooner »

Let's not forget, he may be injured, he may be a Fat Tongued un-intelligible twatt but he is still and always will be a C.U.N.T.

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