Ramsey's emotional farewell

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Re: Ramsey's emotional farewell

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Bradywasking wrote:
Fri May 10, 2019 9:17 am
He is gone, contract was on the table and he chose , for his own reasons, not to sign it. I wish him well but aint shedding tears over him. Brilliant in 13/14 , frustrating for much of the rest of the time. If you were to ask what he would have brought to the party last night what would be your answer.? Mine is that the speed of the attack would have been greatly reduced.
Yep, I thinks that’s true. I realise that I’m a bore banging on about Ramsey (surely not ?! :D ), but he’s driven me nuts for 10 years. I think even those of us that have never rated him, would agree that this season has been his best since 2013, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the bar is very low. He was absolutely fucking dreadful for the two seasons following his return from the leg break and only a clown like Wenger could have stuck with him.

At least Dick has used him in an advanced role, where he can have some affect, without being such a defensive liability. I’ve said before, that people fretting over his departure, is more a reflection on the parlous state of the team, than on his actual ability or worth. It comes to something when we have a mug like Xhaka in the side, who is so bad that he makes Ramsey seem like Cruyff !

I think Ramsey’s tears last week were genuine. I don’t think he ever wanted to leave the Club, but he played hardball over the contract and was no doubt shocked when the Club said ok, fuck off. Obviously, 400 k a week at Juve is hardly coming a cropper, but I think he’d rather have stayed.

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