12th May 1979

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12th May 1979

Post by Bradywasking »

Forty years ago today my first trophy as an Arsenal supporter..

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Re: 12th May 1979

Post by herbert »

I can remember a little bit of the 71 double, not the game itself but all the flats covered in red white yellow and blue and Charlie George local hero
72 and defeat to Leeds I can remember the game itself :banghead: so 79 was my first time seeing them win a trophy as well. :barscarf:

We had a discussion on the plane back from Valencia about which Arsenal team you would choose to watch for one more time in a normal league game no finals or semi finals or league deciders just your ordinary saturday afternoon following the Arsenal ,most choose the 89 squad and the invincibles but I choose that 79 team not for how good they were :lol: but for how good the matchday experience at Highbury was in them days

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Re: 12th May 1979

Post by goonertux »

My first memory of a final as well. Watched at a neighbours house full of gooners, old and young. Great memories of all the dads chucking their cans of Long Life or Watneys in the air, as all us young’uns jumped around all over the place. And then got the vinyl LP recording of the commentary and played it to death. Yes, kids, we used to be able to get vinyl recordings of the whole commentary! Oh, the good old days!

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Re: 12th May 1979

Post by Allgunsblazin »

Great final, and what a hot day at Wembley it was!
End of the 70's era that was none too shabby!....

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