Bent (allegedly) Platini arrested

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Re: Bent (allegedly) Platini arrested

Postby Nos89 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:20 am

Slow news day on the Gooner forum

Well. It's not that unusual nowadays. Seeing as the better posters have left.
You could always visit for your news.
Then again, it would mean that only 12 posters remain loyal here.
Corrupt ex-UEFA president, who was sacked for being corrupt, is being investigated for further alleged corruption.
I'm probably one the loyal 12 posters you are referring too. Thank you for suggesting that site I have visited it but I prefer Arsenal chat on here.
The only connection Platini has with Arsenal is that he was manager of the French national team when George Graham's Arsenal beat them 2-0. He got taught a footballing lesson that night, it seems that not only thing Graham taught him :D

Ok, ok precious :wink:
I forgot to add the obligatory emoticon for the snowflakes, flouncing ones. :D
Glad to see your contributionS :lol:

:barscarf: :barscarf: :D
Probably as old as you are so less of the snowflake matey.

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