Fat Frank back at The Chavs

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Re: Fat Frank back at The Chavs

Postby Perryashburtongroves » Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:10 pm

Nice to see the racist element are still infecting this fetid little club. Has there ever been a club with such an astonishingly high cùnt count..... the fans, the owner, the players, the manager....

oh yeah - the N17 scum. :censored: :lol:
i think they attract them from across the country/Europe .

i grew up in West London and i knew very few ultra racists, even amongst the Chelsea lads I knew, and its a very multicultural area.

i can only think these headbangers come from Kent & Surrey, and the 'new towns' in Hertfordshire, Bucks etc
They also have a small but "loyal" (get it? :lol: ) following in Northern Oireland through historic ties between combat 18 vermin and the loyalist paramilitary scum. :censored:
They've always been a popular team amongst the chavs of south London and into the chavvier parts of Surrey like Ewell and Sutton. In fact, every dirty, little chav kid I knew growing up seemed to support them.

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Re: Fat Frank back at The Chavs

Postby Blim » Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:20 am

Fat Frank the in off king won't be there long lol

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