SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby DB10GOONER » Tue Sep 03, 2019 4:26 pm

I know I'm preaching to the converted here but the media reaction to Kane's blatant bit of cheating is beyond pathetic.

Today all I am seeing headline wise is Kane defending himself. It's because Sky gave him the platform to defend himself.

When Eduardo dived the backpage headlines were C H E A T in big letter ... resulting in a ban. Pires against Portsmouth is now part of football folklore :banghead:

Jenas on MOTD2 last night said he would say no if asked if Kane was a diver. Are you having a fcuking laugh? YouTube has a montage of dives by the likes of Kane and Gerrard that you wouldn't know existed if the mainstream media , Sky and BBC were your only source of info.

Harry Kane is a fucking cheat!
Absofuckinglutely Clash. 8)

I'm just back from cùnting him in the basement (sounds like Fred West describing a great weekend that :shock: :wink: ). Kane is the worst diving cheat I've seen since Slippy Me and the Granny Botherer. :censored:

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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby OneBardGooner » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:17 pm

Thing is because he's Ingerlish and the luvvie of the media - No one will say a word against the cuntbag - Let's hope he gets his ankles destroyed by someone soon.

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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby OneBardGooner » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:18 pm

ps: I did send an e-mail to the BBC asking why they didn't provide subtitles when he was interviewed as it was impossible to understand what the cuntbag was saying :D

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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby AkneyGooner » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:07 am

and the thing is he was dogshit in the world cup, and because he was greedy cost England in the semi final. He is a diver and so is most of thier team, they and liverpool get a pass for this as much as the fergie team used to get.

how many times does Kane, Ali, son and Rose dive per season.

infact the england team was dogshit in general, the best team we managed to beat was Sweden, and a shit Sweden at that, once our midfield ran out of running the croatia team just played the ball round them for the rest of the game - so why he is a media darling is beyond me. even Shearer who was a proper *word censored* at least was decent for england.

Also VAR is complete bollox , all the ref has to do is blow his whistle and say he saw the action clearly ... the VAR team then stand down.

VAR at this point just operates as a digital linesman

If that is all it does then put geo location chips in peoples boots and shirts and put one in the ball, and have it call the offside in real time when the ball crosses the goal line. then verify with video if needed. at least it would give an instant indication the goal was offside just like a linesmans flag. so you don't look like a twat going nuts for a goal that is not going to stand.

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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby OneBardGooner » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:20 pm

This (Access All Areas) from the game against Scum is worth a gander for all kindsof reasons

Also something called Bench Cam, which me has a few revealing things in it...Watch Freddie and those on the bench that are living the game whilst watching it like us...


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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby Zanatos3 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:26 pm

HEADLINE: Granit Xhaka hits back at Arsenal legends after criticism of his north London derby display

LINK ... -10685354/

Apparent 'defense'

Granit Xhaka has responded to criticism of his performance after Sunday’s north London derby by suggesting that missed chances had a bigger bearing on the result than his penalty concession. :| :groaner:

This man has mental injury!

1) Most recently he assisted Ronaldo with THE HATRICK Goal against his own Country Switzerland! & told social media
" Theres nothing you can do about that, Its RONALDO ! " ....Shook his hand after the match..all smiles for the camera..

2) & Now....he makes the most IDIOTIC, INCONCEIVABLE, IMBECILIC Tackle in the WORST PLACE...with the Captain's ARM BAND on.. in the NLD
& then he has the gall, to DISMISS his error as an EVERYDAY OCCURRENCE.....a natural football Life incident....something to brush off the shoulder
& move on...with no apology...because 'it happens'...Captains do this all the time in Switzerland!!!... :duh:

I don;t have words...I'm left like Paul Merson ... stuttering at what to say!

" i Don't know,i Don't know,i Don't know,i Don't know,!!!" :cussing:

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Re: SCUM (H) Sun 1st Sept

Postby Nos89 » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:53 pm

Should it have been a penalty. Xhaka clearly ploughed into Son AFTER he had passed the ball, therefore it didn't prevent him from a goalscoring opportunity?

Stop ffs man :oops:
Hahaha just on the wind up.

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