Mikel Arteta, success or failure?

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Will he ?

Have a statue erected after 30 glorious years service?
Be a success, pick up a few trophies and put the club back on an even keel?
Be a moderate success, before handing over to a more high profile successor?
Be an utter fucking disaster?
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Re: Mikel Arteta, success or failure?

Post by augie »

Amazing that saka is in the england squad today when he cant even get one minute of league action with arteta :roll:

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Re: Mikel Arteta, success or failure?

Post by Herd »

Its that Southgate fella ,first he had all the boys from North Londons other club now he starts with ours ,he's quite literally biting their nobs off, he gets that excited ,that deli ali'S cock now looks like a sausage that went bang in the frying pan after Southgate got his nashers on it .
Hes a manace to children I tell ya !

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