World Cup winners at Arsenal

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World Cup winners at Arsenal

Post by Nos89 »

Saw a picture on FB the other day of Petit and Vieira holding the trophies they won in 1998.

Led me to think if Arsenal are the leading club to have had world cup winners playing for them of the top of my head I can think of 10 players who won the world cup, and played for us.

Anyone know different?

Yes, a bored lockdown thought.

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Re: World Cup winners at Arsenal

Post by IW8Goalmachine »

While playing for us?

Here's all I can think off but of course some of them were not arsenal players at the time.

There had to be an arsenal player in the 66 squad?


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Re: World Cup winners at Arsenal

Post by the playing mantis »

think theres only 6 whilst playing for us.

but who we've had on the books will be interesting, wiltord and lehman would be on above list too i think?

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Re: World Cup winners at Arsenal

Post by Red Snapper »

George Eastham, Alan Ball both in 66 squad. (OK Ball was with Blackpool at the time).
Mustafi but not with us at the time.

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