RIP Theo Foley

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RIP Theo Foley

Post by Kingralph »

GG’s right hand man and all round top bloke. RIP and thanks for the memories.

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by Bradywasking »

Kingralph wrote:
Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:41 pm
GG’s right hand man and all round top bloke. RIP and thanks for the memories.
RIP Theo

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by Perryashburtongroves »

That's sad news to hear. Proper football man and always seemed a friendly bloke. Very sad to see one of the '89 coaching team pass away.

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by Almunia is a clown »

RIP Theo Foley :(

Thanks for making us all believe in miracles. :barscarf: :barscarf:

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by StuartL »

Sad :cry: he was an integral part of our success under George, was loved by the crowd nearly as much as the players - he even had his name chanted during warm ups etc.

Top man Theo :barscarf: thank you for all you done to put AFC back on top :barscarf:

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by Nos89 »

Sad news, condolences to his family. RIP Theo

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by DB10GOONER »

Oh man that is sad news. An Arsenal Legend. Rest in peace Theo and thank you.

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by SteveO 35 »

RIP Theo and thanks for everything you did for the Arsenal. Such happy memories of this era so was very sad to hear about this :( :(

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Re: RIP Theo Foley

Post by Clash »

So sad to hear this news about Theo.

Theo Foley is one of those names that whenever I hear it, it immediately revives those golden memories of the late 80s. That time will always be my favourite era :barscarf:

Theo contributed so much more to the club in his few years than the other Theo did in more than a decade but got nowhere near the same reward and recognition. Although I expect that's how he wanted it.

RIP Theo :barscarf:

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