Will the real Thierry Henry please step forward?

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Will the real Thierry Henry please step forward?

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We were pretty abysmal against PSV, weren’t we?

We out passed PSV for the first 45 minutes (with WAY over elaborate tip tap passes that never really seemed to go anywhere) and never looked like scoring in a million years. We lost to a very average team and that’s the real sickener; we’ll probably beat them two or three nil at home in a couple of weeks! If we were to farck around like that against, say, Barca or Real in a semi we’d be beaten, raped and shat on from a height.

The only two real positives were Kolo (as usual) and Yabbadabbadoo (er, Adebayor) just for his willingness to chase after everything! The rest were pitiful for the most part. Gilberto was the worst I’ve ever seen him (and that’s saying something!!) losing easy possession on numerous occasions and twice just plain firing the ball straight into touch ten yards behind his intended target. Senderos is seriously prone to sudden, terrifying bouts of prime Donkey-ness. Cesc looked lazy and not bothered. Rosicky and Hleb looked afraid to try anything creative in case Henry gave out to them!

And that’s one of our biggest problems at the minute; Henry.

Now don't misunderstand me when you read what follows; I'm not for a minute suggesting we get rid of TH14. The man will get you twenty plus league goals a season, EVERY season, but he is not perfect. Far from it in fact.

Henry was at his infuriating worst against PSV. On his day he is without doubt the best player in the world, but “his daysâ€

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