You used to be a Spurs Fan? Shame on you!

As we're unlikely to see terraces again at football, this is the virtual equivalent where you can chat to your hearts content about all football matters and, obviously, Arsenal in particular. This forum encourages all Gooners to visit and contribute so please keep it respectful, clean and topical.
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You used to be a Spurs Fan? Shame on you!

Postby julianjacks » Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:48 am

I dont know what to say - I want to condemn, castigate and berate you for the fickle minded football fan that you are. However a mans love for his son, his commitmnet to a loving wife are wonderous things that should be congratulated not sniggered congratulations and welcome.

However I reserve the right to hold this against you at some appropriate time in the future.

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