same old same old v west ham

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same old same old v west ham

Postby rellends » Sat Apr 07, 2007 5:15 pm

and to be honest with you im getting bored with dominating less than mediocre crap and then them getting a result. the solution? some surgery in the summer but can that happen without a takeover now the highbury property company rules the roost? wenger will be off next season once his contract is up unless the board finally back him. arsenal need to kick on and its something they have just not done since the season of the invincibles. it all had an air of predictability about and when jeff stelling said at half time that we had battered them using his usual hyperbole and there was a shock then i knew exactly what kind of scoreline to expect. fair enough that i have not watched arsenal play for ten years but ichose to leave my london fortress in search of a cleaner life but that does not mean that my heart pumps arsenal. please discuss.


fucked off of penzance x

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