Newcastle v Arsenal

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Newcastle v Arsenal

Postby brady » Mon Apr 09, 2007 4:28 pm

More points dropped but this time, we could not say it was undeserved. Newcastle were negative concentrating on snapping at our ankles in midfield but rarely throwing men forward.

The second half was played almost in a stupor and at one point I swear you could hear the grass was that quiet. So unlike St James' Park. There was hardly any rhythm to the game with lots of misplaced passes. The pattern of the game settled quickly. Newcastle quick into their tackles and closing down everything. And us not able to up the pace of the game, or even be quicker to the ball to do anything constructive.

Far too often, we were second best, far too many poor touches and lack of movement that killed the game stone dead. It was horrible to watch and I am sure equally bad to play. But why couldn't we rise above it all? Why did the team stumble around like zombies, sleepwalking through the game? The team is in a shambles. I actually think a 4-5-1 with Freddie as lone striker looks mighty attractive right now.

At least I could muster up some enthusiasm for the performance against the Hammers even if we lost the game. But not this. This was a performance only a mother could love.

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