Gilberto's departure announced on

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Gilberto's departure announced on

Post by RaM » ... athinaikos

Goodbye and good luck Bert!

A loyal servant of the club.

Not as petty as others who have left in saying things about us that would be best left unsaid.

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Post by g88ner »

Goodbye & good luck! :barscarf:

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U.F.G Anfield '89
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Post by U.F.G Anfield '89 »

good luck, i really wish him well he was a good servant to the club.

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Post by Galasso »

Good luck Gilberto and thanks.

I hope you are quicker getting to Athens than you were around WHL last January, otherwise the season might already have kicked off :wink:

Seriously, all the best.

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Ted B
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Post by Ted B »

Cheers for the good times Bert! :barscarf:

Now it's time for Diaby to become our new Vieira and explode alongside Cesc, just like Flamoney did last season. :)

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Post by Goonanana »

Thanks Gilberto, goodbye and good luck

For the last time although he looks the same Diaby is NOT Viera and certainly can't tackle!! He will never be a central midfield rock!!!!!!

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Post by rodders999 »

Could the last player out the door at Ashburton Grove please turn out the lights!!!

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Post by NBM »

rodders999 wrote:Could the last player out the door at Ashburton Grove please turn out the lights!!!
Feels a bit like that doesn't it!

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Post by Lethal »

cheers bert

legend :barscarf:

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Post by gusher311 »

Hate to see him leave...

Great Player with LOYALTY :barscarf:

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Post by gunnerbrad »

On he says he arrived quietly, played well, served his time and moved on without a fuss. Excellent Gilberto i hope there could be more footballers like that unlike Hleb and Adebayor. Well done Gilberto wish you very much luch in the future and the rest of your playing carear :barscarf:

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Post by bergkamp10 »

Great Player and showed great loyalty last season. Was great foil for Viera.

We wish him all best in sunny Greece :barscarf: :barscarf:

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Post by OT02 »

Thanks and good luck Bert! :barscarf:

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Post by lisa_gooner »

A loyal servant indeed. It made me laugh reading the official tribute on and comparing it to Hleb's. Reading between the lines, Hleb's said "Fuck off you greedy c*nt". Nice picture tribute too.

The funniest song I heard was
Gilberto- woah
Gilberto- woah
We though that you were crap
Until you broke your back

I felt a bit sorry for him actually, nice people like that often get shat on.

All the best Gibby - until you play us!

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Post by SillySteward »

I'll admit I was one of the ones who wrote him off after his first season, didn't see what he contributed.

Was happy to end up eating my words. Loved his attitude on the pitch and off it and thought he was a real role model to our younger players.

All the best Gils!

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