Basel (A) 2016/17

If you’re after a ticket for an Arsenal game or have one to spare, then let your fellow Gooners know in this section and hopefully you’ll find a match. Please ensure you take the time to read the rules for this section carefully before posting.
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Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by gooner.ed »

By request of MM99...

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Re: Basel (A)

Post by MM99 »

Looking for 3 tickets for this game, on trusted list.

Flights have already been booked so would really appreciate if anyone has spares for this game!


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Re: Basel (A)

Post by AFCjames »

Any spare tickets or memberships for this I am in need of!

Anyone that can help, Ill happily buy a few beers for



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Henry is a Gooner
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Re: Basel (A)

Post by Henry is a Gooner »

Looking for two for this if anyone can help. I'm on the list and have helped others before. Cheers lads

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Basel Away:

Post by bergkamp10 »

Hi All,

I would really appreciate two tickets for this game. Bought on here many times . PM me.

Thanks Bergkamp10

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by Ziegler1988 »

Looking for one ticket for this match, bought on here multiple times. Cheers

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by Dan_85 »

Need 2 tickets if possible. Am on the trusted list, can meet at games, do paypal/bank transfer etc...

Muchos gracias :barscarf:

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by slevinlacey »

Will have 2 available. No idea if it's feasible to change names though as European aways ask for name and passport number.

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terry henry
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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by terry henry »

1 and possibly up to 3 spare for this if anyone needs. Let me know

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by Afc5123 »

Have an 18+ credit membership available for this, if you can use due to passport issue.

Guessing it is fine as you just enter your details when booking?

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by Tommy_Goon »

FYI assuming it works the same as Ludogorets you can enter any name when booking, you just need to provide the name and passport number and this does not need to match the person's membership name.

Grant jones
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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by Grant jones »

Have 2 memberships available if anyone wants to add to their order

hassle travel
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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by hassle travel »

I've a spare membership available with 35+ credits if anyone needs it

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by YellowRibbon »

I have 2no 35+ credit memberships available for use for this game for someone to add to their order

Not on trusted seller / buyer page i dont believe as never used site for that. Long time member though.

Bought and sold on herd forum however as think few on there which are on here as well.

Pm me.

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Re: Basel (A) 2016/17

Post by Dan_85 »

Still need 2 tickets if anyone can help out? Can provide names, DOBs, passport numbers etc.


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