Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

If you’re after a ticket for an Arsenal game or have one to spare, then let your fellow Gooners know in this section and hopefully you’ll find a match. Please ensure you take the time to read the rules for this section carefully before posting.
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Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by gooner.ed »

Been asked to start a thread where people can offer or ask for the loan of season tickets for the 2018/19 season...

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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by Eboue-Why? »

This could end up with more pages than the Wenger thread!

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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by Allgunsblazin »

Not surprised, as the clubs TX is failing and they havee the cheek to charge and adjust at the season end.

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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by IrishJB »

:barscarf: :barscarf: NEW SEASON - NEW MANAGER - NEW HOPES AND DREAMS :barscarf: :barscarf:

Have 1 x north bank block 4 (aisle seat) great view - lower tier.

Ideally to share 50/50 cost. with another party (already confirmed).

But, if you are looking to rent out fully for next season, then send me a PM anyway, just in case above falls through.

PM if genuinely interested and on trusted list

Regs John
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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by dukeys a gooner »

Looking likely I'll be on the lookout for a ST next season. I've rent last one for a few seasons (managing to get the membership on 70+ credits). Wenger leaving has made the ST owner come back. :barscarf:

I am looking for one ST with full rights, away games and cup finals.

Lower tier ONLY... and Ideally block 5-6

Please get in touch.. I won't consider a ST with low credits as I go to more away games than home.



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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by mikeyb772001 »

One season ticket for rent for next season and beyond.

Full rights to any away and Wembley game, though you will need to build your own credits.

As it stands its clock end upper tier face value £1045 (we have asked for a seat move so could end up being lower if you prefer)

Would accept instalment payment, but you would have to pay a deposit to hold the ticket

Give me a shout if you want it

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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by harrybarber9 »

One season to loan for next season, block 18 lower tier. Face value of course £968


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Re: Season Ticket Loans 2018/19

Post by SuperArsha »

How is this done exactly?

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