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This will serve US well.

Got a 'parking fine' from ParkingEye?
Check this out and then clear your throat before you yay, FUCK OFF to the fine

As this offence allegedly occurred on private land, it is not a crime. This is a civil matter. If it were issued by a council, DVLA or the Police then this would be different.

So their charge is based on contract law. That is to say they believe the driver of the car breached a contract which was made when they entered the car park.

The contract in question is that of “Don’t stay longer than 1 hour 20 minutes or we’ll charge you”. Without getting over the top with details, the land owner is then allowed to charge a driver in breach of this contract for the loss he or she suffers due to the driver’s overstaying his/her welcome.

The driver in question did overstay this welcome. They were there for just over 1 hour 30 minutes according to the timestamped photographs of entrance and exit.

So the letter received is not a fine, or a penalty; it’s an invoice. They are requesting money they believe they are owed. Now if I send you an invoice in the post for something you’ve never heard of, will you just pay it? No, and you shouldn’t and here’s why.

http://www.thorntonautocentre.co.uk/459 ... g-eye-ltd/

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