New Grounds - Weekend Friendlies List 13/7

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New Grounds - Weekend Friendlies List 13/7

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For people trying to travel to new stadia, I am hoping to post a list of weekend friendlies at Premier League or Football League grounds, up to the start of the Premier League season. If I can get a price, it will be included. (prices can sometimes change, as can opponents etc, check the game is on with the home team before travelling)
Feel free to add any friendlies I miss.
Warning - 'The 92 Club' does NOT recognise friendlies as counting towards doing the 92.

The format will be - current league, fixture, price where known(), alternative dates at this venue[].
Saturday 13th July;
Championship - Bournemouth vs West Ham, (£15)
League 1 - Crawley vs Millwall, (terr.£9, seats £10/£11)
League 1 - Peterborough vs QPR, (£10)
League 1 - Preston vs Liverpool, (£15)
League 2 - Chesterfield vs Huddersfield (£10) [27/7]
League 2 - Mansfield vs Nottm Forest (£10)
League 2 - Scunthorpe vs Sheff. Weds. (Terr. £8, seat £10)
League 2 - Wycombe vs Reading (£8)

Sunday 21st July
No fixtures

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