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Re: The Political Correctness Bullshit Thread

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:52 pm
by Jock Gooner
GoonerMuzz wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:45 am
Greta Thundberg came out this week implying that she thought she'd had coronavirus, no proof of any kind however the idiot child must be feeling like her thunder has been stolen and therefore wants to stay relevant. The number of celebrities who 'think's they might possibly, maybe, kind of feel like they did have or have had this virus and therefore feel the need to tell us for themselves to stay relevant and be in solidarity with us poor normal plebs is sickening....... the media frenzy to give more time to these people's struggles rather than stay factual and hammer home the required message is beyond boring and dangerous.

Many people disagree with the way the government/s are handling this but on the other hand they are severely lacking in the full picture and are filling in the gaps to suit themselves, the media have gotten worse and worse over the last 30 to 40 years and seem to think they are a law unto themselves. They have reporters travelling all over the country with their crews to give reports in situ and then criticise those who are not social distancing and self isolating, utter hypocrisy :banghead:

Z listers Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane were good enough to spare the time from their sick / death beds to tell us all that they were very very ill. I've never been very very ill before but I somehow doubt that I would feel like sharing my news with the world if I were in fact very very ill. I harbour no ill will against these celebrity types but I have to confess that anything that shuts Piers Morgan up for a fortnight or longer would be very welcome.

The media are just a bunch of dicks. Why Boris didn't somehow restrict their movement and numbers is beyond me. In what way are they as an entire industry key workers. Oh wait, he's an attention seeking political whore and they criticise him for a living :rubchin: As we all know supply chains take time to adjust to bigger orders as it effects every business in the chain and they all have to gear up to the change but that's easily overlooked when you're a media hack sticking the boot in to score easy points.

The other thing that pisses me off with the media is that I haven't seen one of them put corona deaths into any kind of context. In the UK about 1600 people die EVERY day just through normal wear and tear - that's just a fact of life. Of course there are really sad cases where kids go young but we experience 1600 deaths a day which we can cope with because they aren't all in need of IC and ventillators. So if a terminally sick patient with their very last dying breath contracts Corona then it is recorded as a Corona death which is bs. I'm not trying to make light of this but I would really like some form of context rather than just a pointless Sky news death count.