The 'Irish love a bandwagon' thread

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Re: The 'Irish love a bandwagon' thread

Postby DB10GOONER » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:15 pm

The Green Party....Oierland's newest bandwagon.. Yes we all nod our heads in unison about carbon emissions and global warming, and all agree something must be done..However as long as it doesn't affect my lifestyle or bank balance.
Hippy. :censored:
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So the Oirish Green bandwagon lasted about three weeks..The government panicked and hastily put together a "green initiative " turning up for it in a cringy hybrid bus suitable for photo opportunities..Anyway once the snowflake generation realised the green revolution was going to cost them a lot more than they realised they hit the airwaves yesterday to criticise the plan...

All so typical of this government and the snowflakes.... :roll: :lol:

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