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I was aware that a vote had taken place back in September of this year, but didn't realise it had been passed without question and that come the early part of 2019 - Article 13 could actually become 'Law', if this happens the freedom currently available in many of the internet creative ventures and expressions could be lost.

Take a quick gander 3 minutes +

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Interesting that although this video is primarily concerned with artistic endeavours , how long before it stretches into information ?
They can control the news media because in the main they own it. But the internet is random and puts over messages that governments , powerbrokers etc do not like.
With Article 13, the EU would create a system where copyright complainants get a huge stick to beat the internet with, where people who abuse this power face no penalties, and where platforms that err on the side of free speech will get that stick right in the face.
(taken from ... s-internet ) where it is explained a little bit more.

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Post by AkneyGooner »

It's censorship of internet content by another name imo as you will not be able to take a clip of a speech/press Conference of a political figure recorded by the BBC, show it and comment on it on youtube or whatever other streaming site. you would have to be there and record it yourself :?:

I am not sure what good it is supposed to do, we already have pretty strict copyright laws.

Something I found out recently that shocked me a bit.. in the US it is illegal for the press to make comment on factory farms, they are banned from reporting anything negative about it, and most of the US population do not know this. not sure how that serves the population.

In the UK we have the same thing, something can be made illegal to report on, then below that they have this which is an agreement not to report on certain things and this has been abused in the past.

This is how in some cases things can be big news about the UK in other countries but never mentioned in the UK press or TV.

Although not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act of 2002, the DPBAC is committed to practising a policy of maximum disclosure of its activities consistent with the effective conduct of business and the need to ensure that it honours any assurance of confidentiality given to the individuals and organisations with which it deals.

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