KhanVJudah/ChisoraVFury. Sat channel 5...khan ppv

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KhanVJudah/ChisoraVFury. Sat channel 5...khan ppv

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Another big night of british boxing this sat. Big One Amir Khan VS Zab Judah in vegas, fighters due in ring 3am its on primetime ppv. First though Tyson Fury V Derek Chisora for british/commomwealth titles which is FREE :barscarf: on channel 5.

First the heavyweights. If im honest, im not overly impressed by either, BUT by all acounts the winner will get the honour of being beaten by Wlad Klitschko, who neither are nowhere near. I really havent overly warmed to either but i do find fury quite funny, chisora i feel doesnt repect the sport as much and see's it more as a job, where as Fury is a fighter. I dont see it being a great fight sadly, and can only go on last performances. Fury needs to be in great condition to stand a chance and on his last show looked lazy, chisora is a bit more proffesional when it comes to prep, but is also a bit lazy in the ring. Im gunna gunna take a punt on Fury being in the best shape of his life, and by late stoppage.

If they go hell for leather and its a good fight it would be great, as channel 5 more likely to thow thier weight behind it, hopefully fury as chis with warren on sky. Either way if its a success they are more likely to bid for fights meaning more free fight for mass public :barscarf:

The big fight is of course Khan/Judah, and it is gunna be a cracker without a doubt. First off I have to agree with what khan said about this being his hardest fight, Judah is a massive threat, he may have lost a few but he's come back strong and clearly should have never left light-welter. He's very quick, very strong, but his main attribute is his brain, he's great at picking a punch and has very good accuracy. Khan has been a big "lungy" in his puches the last couple of fights, and thought he wasnt clinical enough against mcloskey. But same old story with khan, he's fucking FAST. Its his main attribute as well as conditioning. He's being built up by the wildcard gym bit by bit, and will presume and his power was one of them for this fight. Not just actual stength, but his balance and positioning before throwing the punch, this is his big weakness, he jumps into his oponnent rather than being banlanced with his feet planted(its what pacman is amazing at).

Im going to go for Khan by late stoppage or on points(zab a tough mother).

One more point, Amir Khans managment are a JOKE. This is a worry although im sure roach is smart enough to keep him away from business when it matters. BUT "team khan" seem to be ruining the lads career. Trying to start a war with sky is the wrong idea, signing with primetime is the wrong idea, distancing themselves from the uk fans is the wrong idea.

First it was amir fucking around outside the ring, now its his managment team(family). He needs to sort it or it will become a distraction that pays in the ring.

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