Twitcher Redknob - ''We should be above Arsenal''

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Wouldnt be in the least bit suprised if in the next few weeks thay are above us

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GoonerN5 wrote:Wouldnt be in the least bit suprised if in the next few weeks thai are above us
the fascination with transexuals in this forum surprises me every single day :shock: :shock: :?


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Re: Twitcher Redknob - ''We should be above Arsenal''

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franksav63 wrote: ... senal.html

We can finish above misfiring Gunners! Harry Redknapp reckons Tottenham can leapfrog arch-rivals Arsenal

By Ian Gibb Last updated at 12:16 AM on 10th February 2010

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp heaped more pressure on north London rivals Arsenal by saying that his team can finish third in the Premier League - and that they should be in front of Arsene Wenger's team by now.

While Wenger was trying to defend himself from Michael Ballack's barbs after the Chelsea defeat, Liverpool's Steven Gerrard claimed his outfit can take third if they turn over the Gunners on Wednesday night.

But don't leave Spurs out of the equation. Redknapp said: 'Of course Liverpool can finish third - but if they beat Arsenal and we win at Wolves, then WE can go on and finish third.
Aston Villa and Spurs

'Arsenal are suddenly right back in the pack. 'And in all honesty we've thrown a lot of good leads away and we really should be above Arsenal now. ''If Arsenal get beaten, then it opens it up if we win, or Manchester City and Aston Villa win. Then all of a sudden you are looking at the top two, who have gone, and we're fighting for two positions between five teams.'

Not that Redknapp reckons it will be easy for his men at relegation threatened Wolves tonight, after their shock 1-0 win at White Hart Lane.

Reddknapp concedes: 'Wolves did a good job on us - credit to Mick McCarthy and his team. But we're still right in there and we've been in great form.'

Redknapp, who rests Ledley King at Molineux, does have a problem though he won't admit to it - the poor scoring record of striker Peter Crouch.

Though Crouch had to wait his turn at the start of the season when Robbie Keane - now at Celtic - was partnering Jermaine Defoe, he has made a front line position his own. Yet has scored only two goals in his last nine games and hasn't disturbed the inside of the net for 12 out of his last 15 games.

It suggests that teams have worked out how to play him. But Redknapp prefers to dwell on Crouch's strengths - the way he holds the ball up, how he is always a get out to find with a long ball from the back, and how he complements Defoe.
Eidur Gudjohnsen

Yet pile up the dropped points, against the likes of Stoke, Hull, Wolves, Everton and Birmingham, and there has been a problem in front of goal.

'We've thrown points away,' says the Spurs boss.

It may mean Eidur Gudjohnsen soon getting his chance though Redknapp would only confirm he is in the squad tonight.

Redknapp laughed off latest claims from a bunch of Villa fans at White Hart Lane that his team are long ball merchants, saying: 'I don't know what a long ball team is.

'We pass the ball more than most but we can also hit a 40 yard ball if needed to mix it up, especially when Crouchy plays. If you have him in your team, you have to use him - no point him running up channels because that's not his game.'

Now the big man has to get the goal touch back to his game, starting at Molineux tonight where victory is essential for Spurs to cement their top four - or top three - claims.


I know we've had our problems recently, but even though we're currently 6, yes 6 points above the Spuds, Redknapp reckons that they should be above us, whatever happened to the old adage ''that the table never lies''

I think Wenger should take a copy of this and put on the wall before the derby game coming up soon, but would it provoke a positive reaction?
The Tax Dodging Twitching Bloated UGLY Twat of a C*NT deserves to be CUNTED! at Every opportunity.. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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OneBardGooner I thought you were going to the Liverpool game??

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treygoony wrote:OneBardGooner I thought you were going to the Liverpool game??
Naaah mate - I initially tried to unsuccessfully get a ticket...and then was asked to thought why not....too late then when more tickets became available :duh: :wailer:

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Which spurs team should be above us? The one that can win 8-0, or the one that loses to Wolves?

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DB10GOONER wrote:There's always next year... :oops: :lol: the rumours i hear are totnums year next year!

watch out! :shock:

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They never learn do they? What a stupid *word censored* you are 'Arry. Above us indeed.

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GoonerN5 wrote:Wouldnt be in the least bit suprised if in the next few weeks thay are above us
Oh.... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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:lol: :lol:

I bet the twitch went into overdrive at the final whistle at Wolves!! What a crunt, but I hope he opens his twitchy trap again in the next couple of weeks so they feck it up yet again. Hope the fuckers finish 7th or 8th!

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Old Redcrapp is so full of shit!!!any team can say that drivel but then again he has to make excuses for being such a shit manager i suppose!!!!

Redcrapp you are a ....


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