Total Humiliation - Time to go Wenger

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Total Humiliation - Time to go Wenger

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What can you say? Every true fan could see this coming for a few seasons as we have had an ever decreasing decent team, playing football that has become so inept and predictable compared to our "great teams", glossed over by pundits who claimed we were still playing the best football apart from Barca. Our defence has been shocking for three seasons. What planet do these people live on?

Djourou and Traore are now the worst two footballers I have ever seen in Arsenal shirts, in 49 years of watching Arsenal, and neither should ever be allowed to wear our shirts again. Of course no-one would take them off of us because neither are fit to grace Division 2, let alone the Premiership.

Arsenal now have several players who all earn obscene amounts of money (well they all do really), who cannot be got rid of as no club will take them. This is Wenger's fault because he has been behind the pay structure, so we will have to pay them for years until their contracts expire.

Why though, was Nasri's contract allowed to run down to 12 months? RVP will no doubt do the same and we will have to sell him next year, and the same protracted delay will occur as Wenger will claim "he loves Arsenal." Who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs? However, £25m for a player who has given 6 months superb football out of 3 years is not bad. He will fade again after Xmas as he has not the stamina to last a season and bottles a tackle almost as bad as Rosicky.

I say Wenger, as I doubt he will be sacked, even though we will not even finish in the top half of the Premiership. It will not be until we fail to sell all the season tickets and play to a half empty stadium that he will be sacked.
However, that could well be this year if he is unable to sign two centre halves, a left back, holding mid-fielder and goal scoring forward all within the next three days. "And pigs might fly"

If there was any justice, Wenger would be called in today, thanked for everything he has achieved for Arsenal (let us not forget that he truly was a genius for 10 years) and given his P45.

Either of the two previous Chelsea managers would do for me, as least they know how to defend as well as attack.

The future looks bleak, extremely bleak.