Scheduling of matches

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Gunner Rob
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Scheduling of matches

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it really is getting ridiculous now - this week for example we have a PL game last night, CL tonight and tomorrow, Europa League on Thursdays and another PL match on Friday. the thing is the more that the "product" gets diluted the less interested I am becoming in watching it.

as I mentioned on another thread the CL will get even worse from 2018 when the 6pm/8pm new timings come in.
European nights used to be an event that you could really look forward to. Not anymore - imagine Arsenal v Ludgovets at 6pm :D
(and that's Europe's premier competition! :shock: )

I know it won't happen as TV just continues to destroy the sport but it really was so much better when you had all European matches on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So what if I have a chance to watch Bruges v Leicester City and Southampton v Sparta Prague this week (as well as watching Arsenal get battered in Paris). Personally I can live without that option :lol: and I doubt that I will bother to take that option. However if those matches kicked off the same time as the Arsenal match in Paris, I would be interested in seeing how they were getting on - and actually ironically more aware of their matches....

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