A return to the 80s........the early 80s

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Re: A return to the 80s........the early 80s

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gooners forced the board to get rid of terry neill, and as for don howe :banghead: nice blokes both but sorry the team were shit and going nowhere till george rocked up in 1986.

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Re: A return to the 80s........the early 80s

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Holding central midfielder playing at centre back v Citeh today. We really are going back to those early 80s (Mariner anybody). At least play a central midfielder there who has some experience of it (Elneny)if that is how you think you can win the game.. The masterplan really worked didn't it. No early goal given away and rapid tactical response when the goal went in. What are we complaining about. I am supposing that good old 'yes Boss' had his usual lack of in-put!

We are a joke. We need to concentrate on the Europa league as that is the only way we can qualify for the oh so important Champions league.

Nice one once again oh deluded one.

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