Newcastle Away

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Re: Newcastle Away

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Clash wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:48 pm
Retro Gunner wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:41 pm
GTG wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:47 am
On the point of us maybe needing a world class no.10/an interested Ozil to create....

What struck me last season and again during this game is the lack of movement at times from our midfield and attack. So many times Douzi got the ball and was looking up and there was literally nothing on. It leads to us giving the ball away a lot where they are trying to thread eye of the needle balls through when its really not on.

Its something I feel we could work on a lot considering the calibre of attacking options we have.

If you watch Man City, KDB, Silva and Sterling are always on the move. Give and go's are drilled into them.

In fairness Auba's movement was fantastic at times and Nelson was trying to link up a lot more as the game went on.

We need more of it and maybe that would help the creative side of things a lot more.

This is an excellent point and our lack of movement has been a characteristic of our game for the last decade. As has our lack of a high tempo. these joint issues resulted in the mind numbing spectacle of our passing endlessly across the pitch and backwards, while the opposition are camped on their 18 yd line.

As GTG says, one look at The City and the Liverpool teams, shows how they are always on the move and making themselves available. I think that Guendouzi comes in for undeserved stick tbh and as GTG says, there's not much a centre mid can do, if there's no movement in front of or around him.

I suppose he can always pass the ball to Xhaka, who can set about sparking an attack......for the oppostion !
:lol: In both our home and away matches against Wolves last season, he was their most creative player.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :banghead:

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Re: Newcastle Away

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He really gets involved doesn't he! :D It also looks like the manager and his assistant do not ignore one another - unlike that last pathetic regime.


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Re: Newcastle Away

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Very happy with the win - feared the worst after that team selection. A midfield of Nelson, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan and Willock is absolutely powderpuff, and we wouldn't win more than a small handful of games on the road with that sort of side out. The only clean sheet we kept on the road last year was at Watford when we shipped in chance after chance despite them going down to 10 early doors.

Xhaka and Mkhitaryan are infuriating. Both have been dog shit in this league for about 4 years and always will be. Xhaka did recover after giving the ball away in our own half 3 times in the first 18 minutes; Mkhitaryan had a horror show - a complete horror show. He's utterly garbage and as soon as we have players back fit he has to be the first to go. He's fucking appalling and so fucking slow. I think that Emery has tried to bomb him out to be fair - shame he seems to still view Xhaka as a first-team player.

I thought that Willock did ok; Nelson showed a few flashes but didn't have a great game. Guendouzi had a few hairy moments (lol) but I thought he was one of the best players on the park second half. Aubameyang had a poor game until the goal but he made a tricky finish look very easy - the guy is pretty lethal. Pepe wasn't involved much when he came on, but looked opposition players look like fools a few times with lightning feet.

Leno could not have been more assured in every sense of the word, Chambers had an excellent game and was solid alongside Sokratis. Monreal isn't up to it and despite his good work on the goal AMN won't ever make a right back at this level, but Tierney and Bellerin (with a brain transplant) are an exciting prospect to inject some much-needed energy and pace.

We won't win too many games with that midfield and he needs to start taking a few more calculated risks with team selection if players aren't fully fit. But delighted to get off with a winning start with that line-up. They are probably not one of the worst 3 sides in the league, but I reckon they'll go down - no fight there and their organisation and defensive fortitude has evidently dissipated already.

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Re: Newcastle Away

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Amen to all previous comments before regarding the dubious nature of the midfield make up. Christ, the Armenian is one big clusterf*ck after another,so when you have Xhaka in his usual over generous to the opposition mood, its a recipe for disaster. Thought Guendozi was impressive myself personally. Showed well and rarely gave it away. What I liked was the fact that unlike most of last season, he wasn't getting nailed in possession as other teams had him worked out,and pushing up and on him very quickly. Here's hoping that's a sign of things to come this season and that he's gaining in maturity for the role. Cabellos I felt was a bit loose in possession but showed a few nice touches whilst the center backs had a relatively quiet day but solid none the less. Was that the most expensive bench we had for a while? Love that we've a few decent players to come back into the mix so gotta surf that wave of mini optimism while we can :barscarf:

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Re: Newcastle Away

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I absolutely loved the result away to Newcastle. It showed a different side to our team. win ugly! I could be speaking to soon, but I am optimistic. Let's take care of business at home this wknd. Please make sure the Emirates is rocking!

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Re: Newcastle Away

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OneBardGooner wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:27 pm
He really gets involved doesn't he! :D It also looks like the manager and his assistant do not ignore one another - unlike that last pathetic regime.

Talk about kicking every ball :lol: You'd think from the way that TOF watched the game that we were winning every game comfortably as he sat with his arse stuck to his seat.

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