Leicester A Sat 9th Nov KO 1730

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Re: Leicester A Sat 9th Nov KO 1730

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Awful game, awful shit from our lot. Bellend and Holding were absolute gash. Lacazette was in scuff every shot mode. Boomerang was in no idea where or when to run mode. Ozil was in tippy tappy mode with no real decisive passes. Torreira and Guendouzi were ropey as hell. Chambers too. Just a complete shit all round performance.

To highlight how thin our squad is, when we needed to bring on someone to change the game, on trots Willock, one of the most innefective players I've ever seen. Yeah he's young and his whole career is ahead of him blah blah etc blah but right now he is innefective and mostly shit.

We are.... mundane. :|

Dick out.

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