Watford(dead rubber) H Sun 26th 4pm

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Re: Watford(dead rubber) H Sun 26th 4pm

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Bob Bayliss wrote:
Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:05 am
Martinez deserves to be first choice keeper. If Leno is happy to be back-up, great. If not, loan him out long-term as we did Czesney once Cech arrived.

Saka has promise, but it is too early to say whether it will be fulfilled. Ditto Martinelli. Aubameyang has another season at tbe very top of his game in him, if we can persuade him to stay. Tierney has done ok, but let's keep his performances in perspective - he isn't (yet) at the level of Sansom, Cole or Winterburn: he is though better than the left-backs we've been lumbered with in recent years.

Let me get this straight, martinez who is 27 years old, is with the club 10 years and has started THIRTEEN GAMES in those 10 years, has done enough to show that he should be first choice keeper, but young players martinelli and saka who have shown quality and maturity above their years, still havent convinced you ??? Dont you see the irony in stating that we should keep Tierney's outstanding performances in perspective, having just gushed over martinez's nine (excellent) performances ??

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Re: Watford(dead rubber) H Sun 26th 4pm

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I know that this might well qualify me as clinically insane, but I'd recorded the Watford game on Sunday and actually watched it again last night !! :shock:

Believe me, it was even worse second time around. Exactly how we went 3-0 up and then how we managed to hang on for the win, I'll never know. The two centre backs were all over the gaff, Willock was virtually anonymous (just wtf does Arteta see in him...he offers absolutely nothing) Xhaka and Pepe were, well, Xhaka and Pepe.

I thought that Ceballos put in a good performance and unlike our old mate Xhaka, not only can he play a pass, but he scraps to win the ball. I haven't been particularly impressed with Nelson to date, but he was lively when he came on. Torreira is a shadow of the player we saw in his first few months and there's clearly a problem there....I'm sure he'll be gone in the summer.

As poor as the defence undeniably is, there's as big a problem in midfield, maybe bigger. The defence is offered no effective cover, but nor are our forwards offered any assistance, so there's a complete disconnect between front and back. It's all been said before, but as long as we persist with Xhaka in the centre mid (and I fully expect him to be Arteta's go to midfielder next season), we are fucked. Even PV4 would struggle with that buffoon alongside him and he spent his whole career at the club making his partners look a lot better than they were.

It's getting to the point....actually, we're long past the point, as it dates back to Wenger....where the team is so dysfunctional, that it's difficult to see exactly where the problems lie. All I know is that I watched a team with no cohesion, no identifiable game plan and strategy and pretty much 11 individuals playing their own game.

Yes, the quality of too many of the squad is bang average at best, but many managers are able to forge an effective unit out of a lot less. For years we have had a team that is dramatically less than the sum of its parts and that is a management issue.

In my opinion, we haven't progressed since Wenger left and that's a huge worry. Like most on here, I knew that Wenger and Gazidis left such a mess behind them, that it would be comfortably 2-3 years to see a stabilisation and then hopefully progress. I fully expected the team to be where it has ended up in the league, maybe even lower, but for me, it's more than league position or results. I want to see the manager's plan in action, to see the organisation and structure and to feel that there's an identifiable direction, that will eventually lead to improvement. To be honest, I've seen nothing like that yet, from either Emery or Arteta.

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Re: Watford(dead rubber) H Sun 26th 4pm

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2 things:

I know the Watford game is long dead and gone also that AFTV are not very welcome here, BUT this Graham makes some very good points regarding the Watfor game (and possible FA Cup Final) about Tactics, Aubamayang and Mike (c.u.n.t) dean - worth a gander.


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