Rapid decliners v Rapid Viennanginas Thu 3rd Dec KO 8pm

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Re: Rapid decliners v Rapid Viennanginas Thu 3rd Dec KO 8pm

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Fri Dec 04, 2020 5:54 pm
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If you cant give a start to young players in a dead rubber game where you have already qualified, then what kind of chance have they got of ever breaking through under this clown ?? At what stage will people recognise that bringing young players through is of no interest to pep's cone man ?
So AMN, Nelson and Eddie aren't young players?

Ok let me clarify what I meant (even though you knew what I meant anyway) - I want young rookie kids who havent spent the last 2 seasons in the first team squad (or more in amn case) and who have numerous premier league appearances at this stage. I want to give a starts to young players like (but not confined to) smith-rowe in games that matter fcuk all, in the hope that they can be an improvement on the failing squad that arteta continues to be loyal to despite plenty of reasons why he shouldnt. I want to see a commitment from the manager to try and develop our young academy prospects so that we dont see young talents like gnarby fcuk off out of the club and shine for big european clubs, simply because the stubborn gormless fool was loyal to players ahead of them that stevie wonder could see were not up to the task.

Does that clarify it for you ?
I just don't believe he is anti- youth , he signed up Saka and Gabi last year, has played Eddie several times ahead of Laca , it's clear he is a fan of Eddie , he needs to sign up Balogun and has reopened negotiations with him after they collapsed with Raul last year so he clearly likes the player,

i personally think in the early stages he hasn't trusted them enough to try and get results and it has failed , I'm with you that I would be happy finishing 12th this year and go with a lot of the kids and develop them.

Whoa whoa whoa - who signed up who ? Saka made his breakthrough under emery, and martinelli also made his breakthrough under emery although I'm not sure who does our transfers nowadays so I dont know who identified him as a player to sign, so I cant give the credit for his signing to any one person
I meant he gave them both new contracts and is trying to resurrect the Balogun deal after Raul fucked it up.

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