Peps cone man v Pep Tues 22nd Dec KO 8pm

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Re: Peps cone man v Pep Tues 22nd Dec KO 8pm

Post by OneBardGooner »

Tried to post on here last night after the game but the system just wasn't accepting some of my posts

Is it being run by the Kroenkes ??? Cos it is quite a good reflection of the club and team

How on earth they could sell a class act like Martinez and replace him with that Buffoon is beyond me, he actually made Almunia look reasonably safe.

The only 2 players I would give any kudos to from last night is Martinelli - He is Light years beyond nay of the others and Lacazette who scored a good goal and worked his balls off

the rest can fleck off

That doesn't apply to the subs btw.

Arteta has lost the plot and I hope the Kroenke's just FUCKK OFF! :banghead:

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Re: Peps cone man v Pep Tues 22nd Dec KO 8pm

Post by SteveO 35 »

Double glory for the Chavs here - not only will they pull Arteta's pants down and give him a right rodgering on the field..........they'll find Edu afterwards with pen in hand ready to sign Jorginho, Victor Moses and Drinkwater to help fund their pursuit of Haaland.

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Re: Peps cone man v Pep Tues 22nd Dec KO 8pm

Post by mcdowell42 »

Manchester City pair Gabriel Jesus & Kyle Walker have tested positive for Covid-19, the Premier League club have announced. Both players featured in City's Carabao Cup win over #Arsenal on Tuesday, with City due to host Newcastle on Boxing Day.

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