Handbrake Off podcast

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Handbrake Off podcast

Post by Kingralph »

Anyone listen to this? It’s an off shoot from The Athletic, with input from Amy Lawrence and Adrian Clarke.

It’s quite entertaining, but it definitely proves what I always suspected; that journalists have no idea what’s going on in our club any more than speculating fans do.

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Re: Handbrake Off podcast

Post by DB10GOONER »

No. Fucking hate Amy Lawrence after she murdered Romford's biography. :censored:

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Re: Handbrake Off podcast

Post by goonertux »

It’s not the worst by any stretch. FootballisticallyArsenal takes that title. Just the same shit every week.
Alan Davies’ Tuesday Club is still the funniest and most relevant to how we all feel at the moment. Good times are rare and celebrated but they are prepared to slaughter the shit we’re carrying - Xhaka, Ceballos, Bogbrush, Peepee etc. Worth a listen if you’ve not heard it before.

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