New ECL/Europa League and Conference

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New ECL/Europa League and Conference

Post by GoonerMuzz »

In all the hub-bub of the Super League announcement, as noted by someone on that thread, those cnuts at UEFA have back-doored their changes and 'improvements' to the UEFA tournaments through with little protest.

Does anyone have a link to the full list of changes etc for the two current competitions and rules etc for the new one?

These bloated competitions are what is driving the cost of watching football through the roof either at the ground or even on TV, the increase in the number of streaming sites and therefore the commercial competition for the rights means entry to these competitions for clubs becomes more and more crucial to even try to be competitive. Without a money bags Abramovich or Mansour or dominating a league year in year out with the odd exception the difficulty of breaking into these competitions and actually being competitive is year on year becoming harder if not impossible for some clubs.

Yet here we are with even more bloated European competitions, which for smaller clubs can be very financially detrimental due to the cost to benefit ratio..... exactly how is that good for the fans and the game in general. All I see is a round about way for the richest clubs to make more money and smaller clubs from less affluent leagues to be held at arms length when it comes to the big money. Take for example a Europa league game in far eastern Europe, for some clubs the travel, accommodation, wages etc will actually be a financial loss for the away team so even being in the competition can be a financial drain...... add in the cost to fans to travel there, such as the Baku debacle, and I seriously cant see why these competitions are being expanded

I fucking hate the Kroenkes with a passion but they have an excuse, they are arrogant Americans who have no understanding of what football means to many fans but UEFA and FIFA are supposed to be the organisations which understand football as they were born from football. For me the two organisations are just as corrupt and greedy as the two Americans at ours but have no excuse for making these mistakes which are distancing clubs from their traditional supporter base in favour of international fans who generate more cashflow......greedy cnuts :cussing:

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Re: New ECL/Europa League and Conference

Post by arrgee »

Far from encouraging smaller clubs these competitions deter them. I suspect most of the teams that are in the qualifiers would be happier to have a competition at their level. HB Torshavn And Shamrock Rovers would struggle in the English lower leagues, but instead get a qualifying game in The European Cup. They have no chance of qualifying. It would be better if the European Cup was for the top teams, the Europa League for the middling countries and the new Conference for the smaller clubs. As it is Victims* or Scum could be in the UEFA Conference and walk it through to the final with their B Team.

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