Chav cockholes A Weds 12th May KO 815pm

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Re: Chav cockholes A Weds 12th May KO 815pm

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Thu May 13, 2021 7:53 pm
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Fao of DB

Thomas Partey for Arsenal vs. Chelsea:

✅ Most ball recoveries (9)
✅ Most duels won (8)
✅ Most tackles (5)
✅ Most interceptions (3)
✅ Most fouls won (2)

Superb 👏 [@Squawka]

Apart from that embarrassing dive he played reasonably well tonight. :shock: :lol:

Pablo Mari had a solid if unspectacular game. He's probably our most dependable centre half.
Apart from his David Luiz impression :shock:
That was more to do with an under hit pass from Gabriel imo Stu.
I don’t have a clue what he was attempting to do with the ball though, if he moved forwards he could have just cleared it forwards, anywhere, he looked like he was moving backwards !
Exactly mate. The obvious ball was to play it back to Leno but Gabriel under hit the pass. Mari was already on the back foot expecting.

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Re: Chav cockholes A Weds 12th May KO 815pm

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Sometimes you need to ride your luck. I think we all know that if Havertz had scored that gift we presented him with, we would have got blitzed and barely have laid a glove on them

That aside it was one of the few performances to be happy about under this clown. Last time we got a 1-0 away at a big club was at Old Trafford and Partey and Elneny were paired that day too, with no sign of the Swiss c.unt or the slippers wearing fairy. One might assume he would latch on to that fact, but no doubt it will be wholesale change again

Don't get me wrong - Partey has been disgraceful recently and Elneny is limited, but Partey needs a workhorse alongside him and Elneny is better in that role than the other useless wankers we have available.

Also pleasing to see was Ballerina's five minute cameo before going off injured - sincerely hope Chambers gets that berth for the last two games

Too little too late, but nice not to want to put my foot through the telly for once!

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