Super Soaraway Ticket Prices - Enough Is Enough

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Super Soaraway Ticket Prices - Enough Is Enough

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Those of you who are pissed off as I am about the ever-increasing cost of watching our team might want to know about an on-line petition that's been kicked off by the Football Supporters' Federation.

It calls for a three-year freeze on all Premier League season and matchday prices at this season's levels and a maximum £15 away ticket price. With the wall of money that's going to hit the PL from next season it's really time for the Arsenal powers that be to extend this season's price freeze for another three seasons.

I for one feel I'm being treated like a complete mug shelling out what I am for the simple pleasure of watching my team play.

You can find the petition and further information at:

sign the petition and pass on the details to all your Gooner and other football mates!


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